logo_Surftown_Half_2013 I would just like to let you know Surftown was AWESOME!! I am new to the running game and this was my first Half so I am still learning about what to expect, but in my somewhat inexperienced view the race was very well done. Water stations: perfectly spaced with helpful volunteers, Mile Markers: easily visible, Volunteers at turns/traffic control: right on, friendly and enthusiastic, etc... You appear to have a very professional organization and really know how to put on a great race and the live rendition of the anthem was excellent.

Thank you for what you do!

Chad Fleming

logo_Mystic_HalfI just wanted to take a moment and thank HMF for putting on such a great event. Your event was everything I had imagined a Half to be - well organized, helpful staff, a fantastic festival feel at the finish, photographers on the course, wonderful pacers to help me reach my goal time, just everything! I ran the 5K at the Hartford Marathon last year and was blown away by what an amazing event that was, so I was hoping the Mystic Half would be at least along those lines, and it was everything I was hoping for. I have to say, for my future races, I plan on only running HMF events - everything else would be a let down after these! Thank you again to your staff and all the wonderful volunteers, and especially the pacers that I ran with, Scott & Robyn Hollister, who were absolutely amazing! They were so much fun and kept me going when I got tired and made sure everyone in our group finished ahead of our goal and cheered us all across the finish line. Again, even better than I had dared to hope for. Completely a day to remember!

Liz Friedmann

logo_CC_2016We just wanted to say..... Thank You!

We gave away all 200 bars of soap without a problem and had 300 - 400 NEW visitors to our shop because of The Collinsville Classic.

Please contact us next year when you start planning for this race. We will get more Canton / Collinsville merchants involved.

Greg Wasoka
America The Beautiful Country Store

logo_HP_Middletown_HalfOn behalf of Gilead Community Services I would like to thank you for the amazing job you did organizing a new date for the Middletown Road Race in April. Team Gilead had a fantastic experience. Over 80 of our clients participated in the event. Several of them completed the 4-Miles, which was a lifetime achievement. I stood at the 2 ½ mile mark cheering Team Gilead to the finish line. I was moved to tears on more than one occasion by the courage and determination of some of our clients.

The Hartford Marathon staff and volunteers could not have been more gracious and helpful. From the registration process to the day of, Gilead felt very supported. Thank you again for making the April 24th road race a beautiful experience that Team Gilead will remember fondly.

Lucy McMillan

logo_CTfastrak15KThe event was just as fun as last year and your whole team did a great job. The food and beer afterward was delicious and well organized (they put a lot of people through those lines relatively quickly which is no small task). I also appreciated how well the staff did with handling the personal bags in NB and getting them to the finish in Hartford...again that process was smooth, fast and easy.

Really well done.

Thanks again.
Tim Nixon

logo_Eversource_Hartford_MarathonCongratulations on the extension by Eversource of its title sponsorship of the Eversource Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon. What a ringing endorsement for the stature and impact of this event. At the expense of sounding redundant, Hospital for Special Care is proud to be a part of this first class community event and to our continuing partnership with HMF. We look forward to a great 2016.


Carl R. Ficks, Jr. Esq.
Vice President, Corporate & Donor Relations
Hospital for Special Care Foundation, Inc.

logo_WomensTriI've done several HMF triathlons in years past but yesterday was the first time I've raced the Women'sTriathlon (the date change helped with that). I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for a great event - top to bottom. So much fun, great venue. And the mermaid award is truly a work of art! Thanks to the artist and whoever thought to have those made!

Best regards,
Susan Wines

logo_OldWethersfieldCongratulations to the HMF staff on another great event! The Old Wethersfield 10K/5K/FitKids race was well organized and each of the HMF staff we talked with was friendly and helpful.

The reason I am writing this note is to let you know how much Kari and I appreciate all of your efforts to make HMF events accessible to athletes with disabilities. I was so impressed by the little details that make a huge difference!

  • Beth - Thank you for taking a few moments prior to the race to let Kari know what to expect on the course.
  • The 10-15 second head start was perfect! It allowed Kari to accelerate before being joined by the runners. You set her up to have a great race in which she was able to give her best effort. Thank you!
  • Wheelchair division awards. Nice! Wheelchair athletes are not always recognized at other races.
  • Having a cyclist designated for the wheelchair athletes was great. I realize as more wheelchair athletes participate in HMF events, Kari will not always have her own personal escort, but having a designated rider demonstrates that HMF values the participation and safety of the w/c athletes.
  • Wheelchair accessible porta potty :) No detail is too small.

I know it takes additional time, effort and staffing to make HMF events accessible to athletes with disabilities. We appreciate your thoughtful consideration of their special needs and the systems you have put in place make HMF events inclusive for athletes of all abilities. From our perspective, you are getting it right.

Thank you for a great day!

Karleen (and Kari) Craddock

P.S. Kari had a great time handing out the medals at the FitKids race!

P.S.S. Kari says "thanks" for the Team HMF jacket and sports watch! She is very excited about using the new watch to track her times at each mile marker in her next race.

logo_LitchfieldHillsTriathlonBeth I just wanted to thank you for an incredibly well run event today! It was a scorcher and the volunteers did such an amazing job of keeping everyone hydrated and cooled off at the end. It was a great time and it’s always that much better when things are as friendly and organized as they were today. THANKS!!!

logo_Mystic_HalfI have been a runner for a long time, completed many events, some of which have been through The Harttford Marathon Foundation. Most recently, yesterday I ran the inaugural Mystic ½ Marathon. Just wanted you to know that everyone I came in contact with was friendly, helpful. The packet pickup was easy with no hassles. You have it all together with respect to organization, people moving, activities, etc. Your website is great, mailings are professional. Just wanted you to know that. I hope to volunteer for one of your activities in the near future.

Kathy Mason in Salem, CT

logo_RedDressRunThis was my first time running in the Red Dress Run in Elizabeth Park! Everything was perfect, the weather, the course, the volunteers and staff, and the signage. You even managed to arrange for a glorious weather day! Special thanks for the tee shirt, and I especially love the necklace; I think it is a great giveaway idea!

Thank you for all.

Barbara Kreitner

logo_CTfastrak15KThis race was phenomenal! The route was great, the event was well organized, the concept was creative. All in all, a great day.

Thank you for consistently delivering events that are well-executed and entertaining. I know there is a lot that goes into the planning process - and I'm sure there are strings being pulled to make sure everything goes off without a hitch - but every HMF event I've attended has seemed to run seamlessly. You certainly have a well-oiled machine.

Just wanted to pass along my kudos :).

Thanks again,

Michelle Kurnik

logo-MS-ONianticThis was the best 5K I have run, despite the snow. Very well run and so much fun. I plan to run it next year as well!

Crystal Huntoon

logo_MS_OPutnamThis was my 4th O'Putnam and I had a lot of fun yesterday despite the wind and chilly temps. You have an excellent crew that puts up, runs, and takes down this event,they are all very knowledgeable in their jobs, but also alot of fun to work with, always with smile. All the little mishaps that go with an event like this are just taken in stride and the crew just continue to move forward. Kudos to all your people for a Job Well Done. Thanks again for great day and I'll see you next year for #5

Alf Anderson II (Volunteer)

logo_Eversource_Hartford_MarathonIt is supporters like you that continue to allow us to provide healing & hope to kids with cancer through camp.

Camp Rising Sun in response to HMF's 2015 charitable donation

logo_Eversource_Hartford_MarathonAs discussed yesterday, Team Special Care’s involvement in Marathon weekend has touched many lives. Noted below is an excerpted e-mail from one of our key employees who is a below-the-knee amputee and now, a 5k finisher! Really special comments from her that I thought your team would appreciate.

Carl R. Ficks, Jr. Esq.
Vice President, Corporate & Donor Relations
Hospital for Special Care Foundation, Inc.

"Carl, Thank you. It was really something special to be there. Very emotional for me. I don’t think in my entire life I have ever even considered being part of any marathon events. I have a great appreciation for runners, so congratulations to YOU too!! I’ll see you next year with 20 minutes shaved off my 5K!"

logo_Surftown_Half_2013Hey there Jess. This is Rebecca Allen and I volunteered with my daughter Madison Mickey and brother Josh Allen for Surftown yesterday. I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that we had the best time. I have been a participant of your races several times but never a volunteer. You always host a very organized event with hospitality and exceptional customer service as your primary focus.

I must say, we had the PERFECT spot. The three of us are a pretty enthusiastic group and we didn't stay quiet at all. I was lovin' on those runners as they rounded the corner and saw the hill. I totally got filled up by watching them hustle. I know it was serendipity that we got Plimpton St and will hope for the same spot next year.

Two other random thoughts: (1) We loved Joe. He was so helpful, shared information right when we needed it, and was really thoughtful and kind. (2) It was beyond awesome to have a woman round that corner and take the hill in 1st place. Katie Edwards kicked serious ass. To have my daughter witness that as well, was extra fabulous.

I am going to sign up to volunteer again soon. However, if you find yourself in a pickle and need volunteers please reach out.

Congrats on Surftown!


logo_WomensTriI want to thank you again for an empowering race. As always, a well delivered event! I was very lucky today to be at the finish line when the last woman, Talibah Domijan, crossed it. This overwhelming sense of accomplishment that she had when she finished was very emotional for me and many others in the crowd. She was crying and I think most of us at the line were also crying, sharing the joy we have for this sport. I can imagine that Talibah never dreamed that she would do a triathlon and finish, but that was not the case today. It was so emotional to see her cross the line, the crowd cheering and her friend taking pictures. Many of us, including myself, ran over to her to give her a big hug. She now is a triathlete! This is why I love this sport, camaraderie and being happy for those who reach their goal. I hope that Talibah continues on the triathlon journey and tells her friends about it. I hope to see her next year.

I just wanted to share this story with you. Maybe next year, Ken can tell everyone at the finish line (just like they do in Ironman), "you are a triathlete!" Thanks again!


logo_coreysOn behalf of everyone at The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, thank you for your gift of $5000 in support of Team Fox participant Richard Tyrol.

Jason Rice
Director, Development
The Michael J. Fox Foundaiton

logo_coreysI did enjoy the event. I think that it’s a good fit for Manchester considering the history with the Thanksgiving road race and for Corey since he seems to give back to the town regularly which provides such a positive impact on the community.

My memorable story that day was talking with a first time volunteer that lives above Corey’s place. He seemed like a natural though with the traffic control. It wasn’t until I spoke with him after that event that he shared his past work history at XL type events with traffic and yet his current situation may be somewhat rough. That day was an up day though for him and that’s what it’s all about.

I’m avid volunteer when time allows but this it just my 2nd event for HMF. I’ve been volunteering at the Hole in the Wall Gang camp and volunteered on their behalf at the HMF event last October.

Kudos to you and your team with running such great events!!

Michelle (Volunteer)

logo_LitchfieldHillsTriathlonI came up from Pennsylvania to do the Litchfield Hills Triathlon. It was a lot of fun and a VERY well run event. If I lived in the area, I would become more involved with this wonderful organization.

Barry Johnston

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the changes made by the HMF to the RDR this year! Everything was so organized and professional... and Team CrazyLeggs LOVED the changes to the 5K course--and the bracelet bling!

All of the volunteers were awesome and extremely helpful, especially in the bag holding area, the food area and the laptop results area (great to have so many stations!). The volunteers along the route were also great. The portapotties were numerous and clean. The announcer's voice was clear and the pre-race music was motivating and not too loud.

I realize there have been a lot of changes for the HMF this past year and probably a bit stressful for you. That said, KUDOS to you and your team for putting on a wonderfully fun and well-run (pun intended!) event.

See you next year for sure :)

Dawn Love
Captain, Team CrazyLeggs

My ten year old daughter, Abby, did her very first 5K and HMF event today.... what an experience! She was grinning the entire time and has been on cloud nine all day. She wore her t-shirt to the beach, and has it on again for her evening at the movies, has red ribbon in her hair, red earrings in her ears, and has each family member wearing a red "hero" bracelet. By the way, she's announced that her new favorite color is red:).

Thank you so much for such an inspiring experience. Abby's been running with my husband (who is training for his second Hartford Half) and this makes me confident that she will now be a life-long runner. She feels empowered as a young woman and as a kid.

I've done many HMF events (runs and tri's), and I've always thought you organize and execute events of the highest quality. After today, I am also feeling especially lucky that we have HMF here in our community to support and encourage healthy lifestyles and positive self esteem for everyone.

Becky Azia

West Hartford

logo_HP_Middletown_HalfI want to thank you again for a wonderful day and event yesterday. Wow – it was perfect in every aspect. I wanted to send you some photos that I took of the food that was donated. In total we received 996 lbs! That wins the award for the most food donated when people are asked to bring food items to an event. By far!

I can’t thank you enough – it was really a pleasure working with you on this. You folks were so organized! What a great first year.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can do.

St. Vincent de Paul/Amazing Grace
2014 Race Charity Partner