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Sunday - April 24, 2016


Main Street, Middletown, CT

Start Time:  Kids 10:45 AM, Half & 4-Mile 11:30 AM

Note:  Road Closures occur prior to first event.

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Half Marathon

The half marathon course showcases downtown Middletown, southern Middletown and the Wesleyan University community. Note course changes have been made to the 2016 course: The start line and miles 9.5-11 have been adjusted. The start will be on Main Street with a quick turn up College Street towards Wesleyan. A 4-mile loop around campus will bring you back to the Wesleyan athletic fields. Left onto Long Lane will bring you into southern Middletown towards Mercy High School and past the Wesleyan Hills Barns. Once past the barns, you will take a direct path back to campus, for a short loop around Wesleyan, and then a fast finish on Main Street.

For a turn by turn description please look at the course map below.


The race runs with the half marathon through Wesleyan University campus before a fast finish on Main Street.

Course Limits

Course limit is 3.5 hours for the Harvard Pilgrim Middletown Half Marathon.

As a courtesy to the communities impacted by the races and the volunteers who serve, we have established Course Time Limits of 3.5 hours for the Half Marathon.

To finish within these time limits you must maintain a pace of approximately 16:30 minutes per mile. Official finishing times are recorded through 3.5 hours for the Half Marathon.

Along the Half Marathon race course, roads will reopen to traffic and water/aid stations will close down as the race moves by on a 16:30 minute per mile pace.

All runners running beyond Course Time Limits are doing so at their own risk. If you think your pace will be slower than a 16:30 minute mile pace, please be prepared and carry your own fluids and energy gel with you throughout the race.

Race staff will begin breaking down the finish line after course limits. Runners who come in after limits that are not able to collect a finisher medal on site, please contact the race office within 48 hours of the event. You may also request to receive a replacement race bib at that time.

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Half Marathon - Certification #CT14042JHP



  • Fluid Locations: every 1 - 2 miles along the course and at Start and Finish Line
  • GU energy gel at mile 7
  • Portalets located along the course
  • Entertainment - Miles 1, 1.5, 3.5, 4, 7, 9.5, 10.5, & 12.5
  • Medical personnel
  • Pace Teams – See Athlete Information for more information


Half Marathon:
Male: 1:09:49 set in 2014 by Will Sanders
Female: 1:20:25 set in 2015 by Sybil Shapiro

Male: 19:28 set in 2013 by Donn Cabral
Female: 22:02 set in 2013 by Katie Matthews

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