Timing & Awards

Saturday - October 10, 2015


Bushnell Park, Hartford, CT

Start Time:  8:00 AM (Wheelchair Start: 7:55 AM)


ph_chrono_btagThe NU Hartford Marathon uses the ChronoTrack Systems B-Tag as the method of scoring all races for all runners. The single-use timing mechanism is on the back of the bib.  Therefore, the bib number cannot be folded or altered and must be worn on the outer most layer of clothing on the front of the body.  Please click on the image to the right for more details.

Marathon finishers can use "net" time for qualifying for the 2014 and 2015 Boston Marathons.  Your net time starts as you leave the start line and your B-Tag is noted, so this time shows your actual time on the course.  Results are automatically sent to the B.A.A. from the Hartford Marathon Foundation.

As an added benefit to runners and to verify all marathon and half marathon finish times, runners will cross ChronoTrack scanning mats at the 10-mile and 20-mile marks of the marathon and the 6.5 mile mark of the half marathon. These split times will be posted with full results at hartfordmarathon.com. 

Divisions and Awards heading

Prize money awards are based on official "gun" time, the time elapsed from the official start signal to your B-Tag recording at the finish. Age group awards in the marathon and half marathon are based on “net" time.

  • Awards divided equally between Men and Women divisions
  • No "double-dipping" in awards.
  • All awards presented in Bushnell Park on race day.  Did not collect your award at the race?  Click here for details on how to claim your award.

Marathon/Half Marathon/5K

Age Groups:

Commemorative plaques to top 3 age group finishers in each of the following divisions: 
16-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, and 80+.  
Note for Half Marathon: 
In addition to the above, 15-19 & 12-14 age groups are factored for Half Marathon finishers.
Note for 5K: 
In addition to the above, 9 & under plus 10-14 age groups are factored for 5K finishers.

Physically Challenged Division:

Awards to top three males/females in the PC division.

Wheelchair Division:

Awards to top three male/female pushrim wheelchair athletes. No awards in the hand-crank division.

Visually Impaired/Blind Runners Division:

Awards to top three males/females in the Visually Impaired/Blind Runners division.

Clydesdale/Athena Division:

The Clydesdale Division is for men over 200 lbs. and the Athena division is for women over 150 lbs. These divisions are available for all races.  Awards will be presented to top three Clydesdale/Athena runners in each race. Award winners must have weighed in before the race start to receive award.

When registering, runners should indicate this division on their entry form and may weigh in at the following times and locations:

Thursday and Friday, XL Center, Information Booth
Saturday, Race Morning, Bushnell Park, Information Booth

A race volunteer will be available to weigh in participants. All runners should plan to weigh in before the race wearing their normal running attire.

Team Relay Divisions:

Top team in each division.  Division is determined by age of youngest team member.
Open – youngest team member is 39 years of age or younger 
Masters – youngest team member is 40 years of age or older
Men/Women/Mixed Categories in each Division

50 Staters

Individuals completing their "50th State" at the NU Hartford Marathon can be presented with a keepsake to commemorate their amazing accomplishment. Participants must contact the registration office. Please click here for deadine information.

2015 Prize Structure

Click here for 2015 prize structure details.

If you are an invited runner with the New England’s Finest program, click here for the NEF 2015 prize structure details.