Team Relay

Saturday - October 10, 2015


Bushnell Park, Hartford, CT

Start Time:  8:00 AM (Wheelchair Start: 7:55 AM)

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The Marathon Team Relay is run simultaneously with the NU Hartford Marathon on the same course. The Team Relay consists of teams of 2 to 5 runners who run different “legs” of the marathon. 

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The Marathon Team Relay uses the USA Track & Field Certified Marathon Course

Click here to read information regarding course length for USATF certified courses. 

The Relay consists of the following 5 legs:

Leg 1:   
~ 5.5 miles

“Rolling” – along west bank of Connecticut River through Riverfront Park in Hartford

Leg 2:   
~ 5.6 Miles

2 small “hills” – over the Founders Bridge and coming up from Great River Park in East Hartford
Leg 3:   
~ 3.1 miles

Flat – Main Street, East Hartford to intersection with Chapel Rd. – South Windsor

Leg 4:   
~ 6.3 miles
Perfectly Flat – begins & ends near intersection of Chapel Rd. & Main St. – South Windsor

Leg 5:   
~ 5.7 Miles

2 small “hills” – over the Founders Bridge and just over the bridge heading West towards the Old State House

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Relay Team from Springfield College

Click here for packet pickup instructions.

2014 Team Relay Instructions - includes directions to Exchange Points

  • Teams may have 2, 3, 4 or 5 members.
  • Each member must run at least one complete leg.  Any one member may run up to 4 consecutive legs.  All team members will wear the same bib number  


Shuttle Buses - All shuttle buses will leave from Elm Street, on the South side of Bushnell Park at 7:45 AM (which is before the Start of the Marathon).

Runners who miss their bus will be responsible for providing their own transportation to the Exchange Points in East Hartford and South Windsor.

Buses will be designated as:
East Hartford – Leg 3 Runners ONLY going to Exchange Point #2
South Windsor – Leg 4 & 5 Runners going to Exchange Points #3 & #4

Buses leave Exchange #2 in East Hartford for Bushnell Park:
9:45 AM & 10:15 AM

Buses leave Exchanges #3-4 in South Windsor for Bushnell Park:
11:00 AM, 11:30 AM, 12:00 Noon

There is no bus transportation between Exchange Zones, only to & from Bushnell Park.

NOTE: Driving Directions to the Exchange Point in South Windsor are included in the Team Relay Instructions.  

Marathon Runners who are part of a Relay Team:

  • You may ONLY run Leg #1 (or consecutive legs beginning with Leg 1).
  • Wear only Bib Number and B-Tag corresponding to your individual Marathon entry.
  • You do not need to wear your Relay Number Bib.
  • Your Team Member may not leave the Exchange Zone until you arrive.
  • You must cross the Finish Line with your individual Marathon Bib Number and B-Tag.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Timing Device:

Regarding the timing device which is to be worn by the member who will be crossing the finish line. How does the time get triggered upon the start of the race? Do the other members wear a timing chip?

All Relay Teams results and standings are based on "Clock Time". The B-Tag system is used with the timing device on the back of the bib.  Read more about B-Tags. This B-Tag is to be worn ONLY by the team member crossing the Finish Line.

Exchange Zones:

How do the exchange zones work? Times get recorded? How does the transition work?

There are no timing mats, and no clocks at the Relay Exchange Zones since they are not at "regular" intervals (Mile or Kilometer Marks). In addition, there is no baton or bracelet to exchange. A "hand slap" is all you need to transition from one runner to the next. This keeps things moving through the Exchange Zones, so the relay runners don't impede the travel of any other marathoner on the narrow 2-lane roads.

Do the exchange zones have any type of clothing storage?

There is no clothing storage at the exchange zones.  We recommend that you bring a bag on the bus and have a team mate be responsible for bringing your bag back with them.


Is there transportation back to the Start for Exchange Zone 1? How far back to Bushnell Park?

There is NOT transportation from Hartford to Exchange Zone 1 on the west end of the Founders Bridge or from Exchange Zone 1 back to Bushnell Park. Runners will need to walk the 4 blocks to and from these locations. Also there is no transport between the East Hartford and South Windsor Exchange Zones.

Team Medals:

How do I get a finisher medal when I've run on a relay team?

Relay team members may pick up their finisher medals at the awards tent in Bushnell Park the day of the NU Hartford Marathon. Team members may pick up medals for members of their team.

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