Frequently Asked Questions

Saturday - October 10, 2015


Bushnell Park, Hartford, CT

Start Time:  8:00 AM (Wheelchair Start: 7:55 AM)




Can I register on race day?
There is no race day registration or packet pickup.

How will I know if a race is sold out?
When any of the races (marathon, half marathon, 5K or relay) get within 100 entries of selling out, we will post a notice on the home page of www.hartfordmarathon.com.

I’m injured, pregnant or unexpectedly out of town, can I get a refund?
Please click here to view our registration policies for deferrals and transfers.

Can I give/sell my number to another runner?
For the safety of our runners, entries are non-transferable. If a runner collapses or is otherwise injured during the race and is running as someone else we do not have any idea who that person is and whom to notify. This also creates issues with the race results.

Why haven’t I received an email confirmation?
When you registered online, you received an email confirmation. If someone else registered you, they received the confirmation. We do not send any other confirmations. You may verify your entry on the Entry List by visiting our Confirm Your Registration page. Paper applicants do not receive email confirmations. If you have registered and are not on the list, email: registration@hartfordmarathon.com.

How can I see if I’m registered?
You may verify your entry on the Entry List on our registration page.  If you have registered and are not on the list, email: registration@hartfordmarathon.com.

Where does my registration fee go?
Your registration fees help to pay for the necessary permits, infrastructure, supplies, and personnel to put on the marathon and related events. The Hartford Marathon Foundation is a 501c(3) non-profit organization.

Can I switch from one race to another? From marathon to the half? Or the half to the 5K?
Please click here to view our registration policies for deferrals and transfers.

I've missed the deadline for online registration.  What can I do?
You can register in person during packet pickup.  See information below for details. 


When is packet pickup?
Click here to see packet pickup locations and times.
No Race Day Registration or Pickup

What do I need to bring with me to pick up my packet?
Bring your photo ID to the Expo to pick up your packet.

Can I authorize another person to pick up my race packet?
You may designate another person to pick up your packet. Your designee must bring a waiver/permission slip signed by you and a copy of your photo ID in order to obtain your packet. The permission format is included at the bottom of the Running Event Waiver.

Where can I park at packet pickup?
Downtown Hartford offers an abundance of parking at or near the XL Center.


How do I purchase Pasta Supper tickets?
Pasta Supper tickets can be purchased at the time you register for the race. Or, you can click here to purchase them through our website.

Where is the Pasta Supper?
The location of the Pasta Supper is at The Hartford Club, 46 Prospect Street, Hartford.

Where do I pick up my ticket for the Pasta Supper?
All pre-purchased tickets will be at the entrance to the Pasta Supper.



We offer a free emergency text notification service through RainedOut.com for the NU Hartford Marathon. It is used only for last minute urgent information that you need to know and is an efficient and innovative way to communicate time-sensitive information. Learn more and register today...


Where should I park on Race Day?
Click here for parking information.  We also offer secure bicycle parking in Bushnell Park.  Click here to see Park Map and location of Bike Parking.


NOTE:  All runners will be issued an official "gear bag" at packet pickup (or mailed to those who opted for Mail My Packet).  This large, clear bag is the only bag that will be accepted at Gear/Baggage Check on race day.  No personal backpacks, gym bags or other containers will be accepted.  Also, do not stuff your backpack or personal bag into the official gear bag.  All items must be placed in the official gear bag and be clearly visible.

What happens to my bag if I forget to claim it after the race?
Gear Check closes at 2:00 p.m. on race day and all bags must be picked up before that time. HMF and The Bushnell are not responsible for bags not picked up by 2:00 p.m.  Remaining bags can be picked up at the marathon office for up to two weeks after the race. After two weeks, anything remaining is donated to charity.

logo_bungoboxGear Check made easier with the help of BungoBox.


Where does the race start?
The marathon and half marathon start on Capitol Avenue in front of the State Capitol grounds at the bannered steel truss. The 5K starts on Washington Street & Buckingham Street at the red balloon arch.  Click here for detailed map of the start area.

Is there a corral start for marathon or half marathon?
There is a seeded start corral for runners who have documented a time of <3:30 or <1:45 (half). All seeded runners will be mailed an entrance card in September.

Are there Pace Leaders offered?
The Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon offers pace leaders to help athletes achieve their goal time. There is no fee and anyone can use this service. Click here for more details.

Where will my Pace Leader be on race morning?
7:30 am: Pace Leaders will assemble on the west side of the Bushnell Memorial Hall on Capitol Avenue (located within the race start assembly area). Marathon Pace Leaders will be wearing bright green pace shirts. Half Marathon Pace Leaders will wear bright yellow Pace shirts. All will be standing by their pace group sign. Pace Leaders will move into the starting area at 7:45 am. They will line up according to pace on the right side (facing toward the start banner) of the starting area.

Where do I line up at the start of the race?
First, make sure you are in the correct race start area. The 5K start is under the Red Balloon Arch. The Marathon and Half Marathon start is under the bannered steel truss. Line up behind the pace per mile sign of your projected pace. Signs are located on the right side of the start area.


What is the time limit for the marathon?
Our permits limit the marathon to a 6 hour time limit and the half marathon to a 3 hour time limit. Both courses will be closed at a 13:44 minute per mile pace. No race services including medical, aid stations or traffic control are available beyond this pace.

What can I expect if I am behind the course limits?
You can expect to receive a bottle of water and a course map from our SAG Cyclists.  They will request your race bib.  Please do not expect food or timing at the finish.

Why is there a time limit?
In order to comply with city, town and state permits, streets crossing the route must be reopened to vehicular traffic on a set schedule.

What happens if my pace is slower than the allotted time?
If you are caught by the Sweep Vehicle traveling at the 13:44 per mile pace you MUST move to sidewalks and follow all traffic signals to complete your run. Keep in mind that the race services including water stations and medical aid will also be discontinued once the Sweep Vehicle comes through.

Can I wear headphones?
While HMF will not ban the use of portable listening devices (except for All USAT triathlons), the use of such items is discouraged –for your safety and the safety of others. Running safety has always been, and will continue to be, the priority for all of our events. Please be mindful of the other participants and race personnel to ensure a safe and enjoyable race for everyone. The abuse of portable headphone devices can result in disqualification.

Are strollers allowed on the course?
For the safety of all runners, strollers, baby joggers, baby backpacks, and runners carrying children are not allowed on any of the NU Hartford Marathon, Hartford Half Marathon or Hartford 5K courses.

What is not allowed on the course?
Runners going backward, runners not wearing a race number, animals, bicycles, baby joggers, baby backpacks, runners carrying children, roller skates, roller blades, and wheeled vehicles other than push-rim wheelchairs or hand-crank chairs.

Where are the fluid stations on the course and what is available at fluid stations?
Fluid stations are located at mile 2 and then every mile after that until mile 25. Water and Gatorade (lemon-lime) will be available at all locations along the course. GU Energy Gel will be located at Mile 7 (Half), Mile 8 and Mile 17 (Full), and unique to the Hartford Marathon: GU Energy Gel on Demand – our course bicyclists will carry GU Energy Gel on their bikes to be given as needed along the course.

Where are the medical services on the course?
If medical attention is required on course, alert any Fluid Station, who will contact the nearest medical team. Satellite Medical Tents: Half Marathon course: Medical Tent at mile 9 (Steele Road) Marathon course: Mile 3 (Hartford riverfront), Mile 7, Mile 10, Mile 22, Mile 25 (Main Street, East Hartford) and Mile 14 (South Windsor)

What if I can’t finish the race?
If you drop out of the race and want transportation back to the finish area, go to any fluid station and request transportation. Our sag vans will provide you with a ride back to the finish. Be prepared to wait up to one hour for transportation.

Where are the portable toilets along the course?
Portalets are located every mile on the course. We shouldn’t have to say it but we do. Don’t pee on people’s lawns during the race. If you do and are caught, you will be disqualified from the race (and worse, perhaps). Really, people?



What do I receive inside the finish chutes?
  • All finishers will have their photo taken as they cross the finish line. These photos will be available for purchase approximately 5 days after the event. Click on the race photos link on hartfordmarathon.com.
  • For the marathon, half marathon and 5K, finisher medals will be given out in the finish chutes after official finishers cross the finish line.
  • Relay finisher medals will be given at the awards tent in Bushnell Park.
  • All official finishers will be given a reusable water bottle.
  • Marathon runners will be given a heat wrap as soon as they cross the finish line. If the weather warrants, half marathoners will also be given a heat wrap.

What is available to me after the finish?
  • Registered athletes are welcome to pass through the Food Tent where we will serve Grilled Organic Valley Cheese Sandwiches, Hot Tomato Soup, Apple Crisp, Dunkin' Donuts bagels, Truebars, bananas, and Organic Fuel muscle recovery drink.
  • Free massage is offered by the CT Chapter of the AMTA.
  • Cold Harpoon I.P.A. is available in the Mile 27 Beer Garden. One free beer to all finishers who are 21 years or older. Bring your I.D.

Where can I meet my family and friends after the race?
The easiest way to find your family and friends after the race is to have a plan beforehand. An easy place to meet up post-race is the Massage Envy Spa Reunion Area located in Bushnell Park. The Area is marked with signs showing letters of the alphabet and runners are encouraged to ask their family and friends to meet them under the sign showing the first letter of the runner’s last name.

Is there a place to take a shower after the race?
Free showers at YMCA downtown branch (XL Center 2nd Floor) for runners between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm - you must show your bib and photo ID and sign a waiver to take advantage of this offer. Please bring a towel and toiletries.

What else is happening in the park on race day?

  • The Kids K at 9:30 am – various short fun runs for kids ages 2 – 11. $10 per child includes the run, a t-shirt, and finisher medal. Register on race day in the Kids Fit Zone (east side of the park).
  • Lots of Exhibitors and Entertainment in the park until 2 p.m.

What if I lose something during race weekend?
The Information Booth at the Expo and the Information Tent in Bushnell Park are the locations for all Lost & Found items. After marathon weekend, items will be available at the HMF office for one month. Clothing items left in the start areas are donated to charity.


  • There is no Race Day Registration or Packet Pickup. Click here for Packet Pickup schedule.
  • We will post notice on hartfordmarathon.com if any race sells out.
  • Please click here for our Cancellation / Transfer / Refund policy.
  • All runners will be issued an official “gear bag” at packet pickup. This large, clear bag is the only bag that will be accepted at Gear/Baggage Check on race day.
  • We offer a free emergency text notification service through RainedOut.com for the Hartford Marathon. It is used only for last minute urgent information that you need to know and is an efficient and innovative way to communicate time-sensitive information. Learn more and Register today...
  • The Hartford Marathon is offering real-time athlete updates on Facebook, Twitter and SMS for free. Athletes or spectators can search and select an athlete and receive real-time updates. More...
  • Your race bib contains a QR bar code. It links directly to your personal race results after the race. We also have QR codes on many signs at the event site. Simply scan with your mobile device and voila! More info at your fingertips!
  • With thousands of people coming to the city, we recommend that you allow lots of extra time to arrive and park on race day.
  • A color-coded Event Alert System (EAS) will communicate the status of course conditions to participants leading up to and on race day. The levels range from Low (green) to Moderate (yellow) to High (red) to Extreme (black) based primarily on the weather, as well as other conditions. HMF employs the Event Alert System at all events. Become familiar with the system here.
  • If you see something, say something. Call 911
  • Course Limits: Marathon – 6 hours, Half Marathon – 3 hours, 5K – one hour


Will I receive an award if I place in my age group?
Commemorative plaques to top 3 age group finishers in each of the following divisions:
16-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, and 80+.

Note for Half Marathon:
In addition to the above, a 15+ under age group is factored for Half Marathon finishers.

Note for 5K:
In addition to the above, a 9 & under plus 10-14 age groups are factored for 5K finishers.

Physically Challenged Division:
Awards to top three males/females in the PC division.

Wheelchair Division:
Awards presented to pushrim wheelchair athletes. Top 3 finishers in the Marathon and Half Marathon.

Visually Impaired/Blind Runners Division:
Awards to top three males/females in the Visually Impaired/Blind Runners division.

Clydesdale/Athena Division:
Top three finishers in each division.

All awards presented in Bushnell Park on race day. Winners unable to collect award on race day may contact lisa@hartfordmarathon.com after the race. Mailing fee will apply.


Do I need to purchase a timing chip?
No, the timing chip, “B-Tag” is affixed to the back of your race bib and will already be provided in your race packet for use on Race Day.

Official time – gun time, or chip time?
Per USATF rules, your official time is from the gun (horn) until you cross the finish timing mats. Chip time or net time is provided as a service to you, and is accepted by many races as a qualifying time, including the Boston Marathon. We award prizes based on net time for all age group awards. We award prize money based on gun time.


Is the Hartford Marathon a Boston qualifier?
Yes. The Boston Marathon accepts qualifying times from the Hartford Marathon. Qualifying times for the Boston Marathon vary by age group and a complete breakdown of qualifying times can be found on their website: www.baa.org. HMF will send a complete list of finishers to the BAA once results become official.

How do I submit my time to the Boston Marathon?
When registering for the Boston Marathon, enter your finishing time, finishing place, the race name and location and date of the race in the section entitled “Qualification Information”. Be sure to indicate if the time you enter is gun or chip time.

Will the Boston Marathon check to confirm my time?
Yes! The Boston Marathon automatically receives a list of all official finishers of the Hartford Marathon and their chip and gun times. The time that you put on your Boston Marathon registration will be checked against the official time that they have on file.


How do I contact someone about an online merchandise purchase?
Click here to view available merchandise. Please send all comments and questions to: diane@hartfordmarathon.com

Will I be able to purchase race merchandise on race day?
Yes, an official merchandise store is located in Bushnell Park.


Do I need to sign up online to volunteer?
Yes. All volunteers must register on our online volunteer database system. Click here to register today! The volunteer waiver is built into the online registration, therefore, you will not need to print out or hand in the waiver.

What if I can’t volunteer on race day at the NU Hartford Marathon?
There are many other volunteer opportunities for the NU Hartford Marathon the week leading up to race day:
  • Tuesday, October 6: HMF Fitkids In School Day (Rentschler Field, East Hartford)
  • Wednesday, October 7: Health & Fitness Expo Set up (XL Center, Hartford)
  • Thursday, October 8 & Friday, October 9: Health & Fitness Expo registration & merchandise sales (XL Center, Hartford)

Where do I report race morning?
All volunteers signed up for a Bushnell Park activity will report to the Volunteer Tent at Bushnell Park, near the carousel.

Where do I report race morning if I am a volunteer at a water station or course monitor location?
You will be contacted by your activity coordinator by the end of September with all volunteer instructions including your race check-in location/time.

Where do I park as a volunteer?
Click here for detailed parking information. If you park at the Gold Building, please bring the parking pass to the Volunteer Tent/Volunteer Check-In to be stamped.


How can I find out if a runner has finished?
Friends and family can track your progress in the marathon throughout the course through our interactive runner tracking map or by signing up to receive text messages. Click here for more details. Results for all events will be published on our website during and immediately following the races.

How can I find out if someone has dropped out of the race or is in the Medical Area?
Check at the Information Tent located on the east side of Bushnell Park. Click here for a detailed map of Bushnell Park.

What are the best places to watch the race?
Top Places to Watch the Marathon or Half Marathon

  • Start – Capitol Avenue in front of the CT State Capitol
  • Mile 2 – Pearl Street, Hartford
  • Mile 4 – Riverfront Plaza at the Founders Bridge, Hartford 
  • Mile 8.5 (Half) – St. Mary’s House, 275 Steele Road, West Hartford
  • Mile 10 (Half) – Elizabeth Park Rose Garden, West Hartford
  • Mile 14 –Old Main Street & Chapel Road, South Windsor
  • Mile 20 – Old Main Street & Pleasant Valley Road, South Windsor 
  • Mile 25 Riverfront Plaza at the Founders Bridge, Hartford 
  • Mile 26 – Under the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch at Bushnell Park


What are the future dates of the Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon?
The Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon are on the 2nd Saturday in October – October 10, 2015 and October 8, 2016.

How old is the Hartford Marathon?
The first Hartford Marathon was run in October 1994. Click here to read more about the history.