Jeff's Running Partners

A Marathon Relay for Schools

A program for schools to promote fitness and charitable giving

JRP Runners

To honor the memory of our founding Board member and good friend, Jeff Partridge, the Hartford Marathon Foundation created a relay race for school children to participate in the Hartford Marathon.

Appropriately called “Jeff’s Running Partners” because of Jeff’s passion for running and his commitment to education, the program involves one or more teachers, coaches or parents representing a school with a team of students. The adults complete the full marathon as a relay team (each running a portion of the route) or as individuals running the full 26.2 miles, or half marathon. Each student runs one or more miles alongside their coach or other adult. Children enter and exit the course at designated mile markers, assisted by parent volunteers. The number of student runners depends on how many students are capable of running more than one mile. The athletes convene with their teammates at mile 26 to cross the Finish Line as a team and receive a medal for their accomplishment.

The schools use the event as a fundraiser to support a charity of the team's choice. For information about forming a team at your school email

Button_PhotosFeedback from Webster Hill Elementary in West Hartford, CT:  

Jeff Wallowitz, Principal of Webster Hill Elementary

"Along with all the health benefits of running, this has been an incredible community building experience for our school. Students, parents, teachers, our physical education teacher and I have come out and experience the joy of teamwork, dedication, commitment and success."

Thomas K. Jones, Parent of 3 Jeff's Running Partners

"The program has proved to be one of the best and most enriching experience that each of my three children has experienced at the elementary school level. After running with Jeff's Running Partners, each of my daughters loved the experience so much that they each began running short distances on their own. Within the past year, each of them began competing in meets and competitions primarily because the Jeff's Running program taught them that running can be fun, social and fulfilling."

Jillian, 4th grader at Webster Hill Elementary

"It was my first time doing it and I had the time of my life running in Hartford. I love running and especially running with my two best friends Olivia and Sara. We had a great time running and after the race, my friends and I were already talking about next year!"

Vina, student at Webster Hill Elementary

"I loved running in the Hartford Half Marathon. It gives students a good chance to be athletic and to push themselves to run a mile. Some might run two miles like I did."

Sara, student as Webster Hill Elementary

"This year I thought was so fun and exciting to run with some of my friends and teachers."

Dylan, 5th grader at Webster Hill Elementary

"I love Jeff's Running Partners it is set up great and is an awesome experience. I ran for the first time in fourth grade and will keep running until the end of middle school because when I go to high school I'm going to do track and field. P.S. I'm going to run in the 5K in 7th grade because of Jeff's Running Partners."

Libby, student at Webster Hill Elementarydrawing_jrp_Libby_Geisler

"I had an awesome time running 1 mile of the marathon. It's fun because you get to cheer people on that are running . And that you can run with your friends and your teachers. And the best part is crossing the finish line. That is my reason why I love the marathon."

Zoe, student at Webster Hill Elementary

"It was the best experience of running that I had in my whole life. I loved running in the marathon with the students and teachers of Webster Hill. I love running but running with some students and teachers was sooo much fun."