Job Descriptions

HMF Events

All events March through December excluding the Eversource Hartford Marathon in October

Eversource Hartford Marathon

2016 Eversource Hartford Marathon
(October 5 – October 8, 2016)



  • Take athlete bags – organize bags by bib # - return to athlete after race

ph_course_monitorsCOURSE MONITOR

  • Assist runners with proper directions to follow the course
  • Provide support for runners by cheering them on


  • Lead the pack of runners or sweep at the back of the pack
  • Assist runners with course directions
  • Make spectators aware of athletes on the course

ph_finish_line_volunteerFINISH LINE (Great for Kids!)

  • Cheer athletes on as they finish while handing out water bottles & finisher medals
  • Encourage athletes to continue moving through the finish line shoot


  • Assist with food preparation
  • Assist athletes with food serving

ph_vol_kids_kKIDS K

  • Help setup the course and organize kids at the start
  • Cheer on athletes as they finish while passing out medals and awards at the finish line


  • Assist staff with set up, sales and break down of all the merchandise that is being sold at the event


  • Assist participants picking up packets with bib and pre-race information


  • Hand out packets with bibs and pre-race information
  • Assist staff with registering participants
  • Direct participants to proper location for pre-registration and on-site registration


  • Help manage the start by guiding runners to their corral base upon expected finish times
  • Check bib numbers (must match number on the bike)
  • All helmets must be buckled before athletes mount bike

TRANSITION AREA (Triathlons/Duathlons)

  • Check bib numbers (must match number on the bike)
  • All helmets must be buckled before athletes mount bike
  • Assist with body marking
  • Assist with proper directions to entrance and exit of transition area
  • Make sure only athletes enter transition area
  • Assist with making sure athletes set up in assigned bike rack
  • Triathlons only: direct athletes on the beach to proper entrance to transition area
  • Check for the bar end plugs on handlebars on all bicycles entering the transition

Water Station volunteersWATER STATION (Great for families/groups)

  • Assist with water station set up (fill cups ½ full)
  • Hand cups to runners. If there's Gatorade, let runners know which cups have Gatorade
  • Cheer runners on
  • Assist with water station clean up

Please remember that you are a representative of the Hartford Marathon Foundation. Please treat all spectators and athletes respectfully.


Contact Jess Hallet at or 860-652-8866 X 115.