Welcome to your Toolkit! This is where you’ll find all of the supplies and rewards you’ll need to help you throughout your adventure!


Click the buttons below to download the State Park and Challenge Badges so you can post them on your own social media!


Looking for a place for ice cream, lunch, or a quick snack after your park visit? Webster employees have put together some of their favorite local businesses and landmarks near each of the parks.


Registered participants, ages 2 – 11, will be mailed a full color Parks Passport and stickers. Need another passport? Dropped your passport in a stream? Did your dog eat your passport? Don’t worry about it, we’ve got you covered!


Webster Bank and the Hartford Marathon Foundation are dedicated to taking care of the planet we love and respecting the environment around us, and we know you feel the same way! While on your own adventures, be sure to take care of these places and respect their natural beauty. Here are a few tips on how you can Adventure the Green Way!

  • Leave No Trace – it should go without saying, but no littering!
  • Bring a Reusable Water Bottle – skip the plastic, hydrate the green way!
  • Skip the Prepackaged – bring a post-activity snack from home in reusable container!
  • Respect Mother Earth – as tempting as it is to pick flowers and wander off trail, it’s better to leave things be, tread lightly!
  • Support Local – considering eating, drinking, or buying local while out on your adventure!
  • Leave it even better than you found it – if you notice that someone else missed the trash can, consider disposing of any loose trash you see!


Does it matter what order or on what day I complete each park?

You can visit and complete your adventure at each park, forest, or trail in any order and at any time during normal park operating hours between Saturday, August 1 and Monday, August 31.

Multiple parks can be visited in a single day* or spread out over the span of the entire 31 day challenge period.

*Note: To submit an entry for each individual park visited, participants will need to create and upload individual activities for each into the results system.

Do I need to run/walk or hike a specific route or trail at each State Park?

No! This adventure is all about visiting the beautiful parks available in our area. Explore at your own free will to “complete” the park.

Is this a race?

No! This is an adventure to visit state parks in our area.