Why is the Eversource Hartford Marathon moving to a virtual event?

It is and always has been the highest priority of the Hartford Marathon Foundation to put your safety and health at the heart of everything we do. We have carefully explored detailed safety measures that would support the event in a live fashion. But after careful consultation with state and local officials, we feel it is in the best interest of our runners, our volunteers, spectators, first responders, partners and the HMF staff to make the switch to a virtual event. And we are very proud that 22 local charities will receive every penny of each $25 race entry fee.

Why are you deciding this now?

We know how hard and long our runners train to compete in the Eversource Hartford Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K. We want to help you train for the race you will run so we will be able to provide you with the support and information that will best benefit your virtual run. By making the switch at this time, we have the ability to give participants ample time to train appropriately, enhance our charity partnerships, and give our runners a virtual experience unlike any other!

Are Official Charities still involved?

Absolutely! They are a cornerstone of the Eversource Hartford Marathon and many of the details surrounding the virtual event were done to enhance our support of our charities. Every penny of your race registration fee will be donated to our official charities through HMF GIVES. And the low entry fee of $25 hopes to encourage those who are able, to donate even more to a cause that matters in their lives and support our local businesses and restaurants. For more details regarding HMF and the Official Charity Program, CLICK HERE

How were official charities chosen?

The official charities were chosen through an application process in March 2020. Applicants meet a number of requirements to be chosen as part of the official charity program. All charities were finalized prior to the decision of converting the Eversource Hartford Marathon to a virtual event.

Can a runner choose which charity receives the $25 donation from their registration?

Additional donations and fundraising efforts can be directed towards a charity of choice. Registration fees collected will be equitably distributed through HMF GIVES to each of the Official Charities based on the percentage of the total fundraising efforts.

Can a runner "write in" another charity to receive the $25 from their registration?

Registration fees collected will be equitably distributed through HMF GIVES to each of the Official Charities based on the percentage of the total fundraising efforts.

Additional donations and fundraising efforts can be directed toward a charity of choice. Choose to benefit official charities here or a choose another charity of choice here.

How can I support my charity of choice through the event this year?

Just like in years past, participants are encouraged to create teams and fundraise for charities that are important to them. Set up a team and collect donations through the online fundraising platform here.

What is HMF GIVES?

With the support of sponsor partners led by Eversource, HMF was able to create the HMF GIVES initiative to direct 100% of participants’ $25 race registration to Official Charities of the Eversource Hartford Marathon. The charity organizations will continue their own fundraising and engage teams of runners; the additional donation from HMF GIVES will be equitably split among Official Charities. Learn more about them or join their fundraising efforts HERE

Are you planning to hold the Eversource Hartford Marathon as a live event in 2021?

Yes, and we can’t wait! We plan to produce the 28th running of the Eversource Hartford Marathon as a live event on Saturday, October 9, 2021.

How do I set up my PWR Labs account?

PWR Labs has great resources on how to set up and maximize the use of their technology here.

How do I set up my TrainingPeaks account?

To access the 30 day free premium trial, you must have a TrainingPeaks account. If you do not have a TrainingPeaks account, create an account and then click here to claim the trial.

TrainingPeaks has great resources on how to set up and maximize the use of their technology here.


I registered for the race before it went virtual, what are my deferment options? And when will I receive my deferment?

Runners that have registered prior to July 6th: you will receive an email outlining your deferment options.

I registered for the race after it went virtual, what are my deferment options?

This event gives participants the flexibility to participate when and where it is convenient. As such, there are no refunds and no deferments for virtual events.

How is it only $25 and where is the money going?

The unwavering and generous support of our financial sponsors, led by Eversource, have made this epic movement possible. Sponsor funding will cover the costs of shirts, medals, and other expenses so that every penny of your $25 entry can go to HMF GIVES, a fund to support local charities’ urgent needs.

Likewise, 100% of the $15 HMF FitKids Run entry will go to HMF GIVES.

The Challenge fee of $10 will cover the cost of that medal and shipping.

The $25 fee – a steep discount from traditional race events – was set to encourage participants who are able to donate further and to support local businesses and restaurants with purchases of goods and services around the event.

I was registered for the Team 26.2 relay?

With the change to a virtual event, the Team 26.2 relay has been deferred to 2021, and will not be taking place this year. Pre-Registered participants will be contacted individually by the registration team.

When will I get my shirt and medal?

Register by September 20 and your shirt and medal will be mailed before September 30, hopefully to arrive before race weekend! Register after September 20th and your shirt and medal will be mailed between October 1 – 15.

Can I use a promo code?

Promo codes are not valid for this year’s event since the overall price has decreased for everyone and 100% of individual race entries will be donated to charity through the HMF GIVES initiative. Youth, senior, group, and military discounts will not be accepted at this year’s race.

Is my entry fee tax deductible?

The entry fee is not tax deductible because services and goods are provided in exchange. Any further donations are tax deductible.

What is an iTAB and what are the details?

Participants can order an iTAB which will display the participant’s name and finish time on the back of their medal. iTABs can be purchased during registration for any individual event: full marathon, half marathon, 10K and 5K as well as the Sam Adams Challenges:- Tenacious 2, Driven By Purpose 3 and Grit & Gutsy 4.

The time engraved on the iTAB will be the time that you submit for the race.

iTABs purchased for a Sam Adams Challenge will display the cumulative time for all of the races in the challenge for which you registered.


When do I participate and how does the race get timed?

You must complete your respective race activities between 12:00 AM on Thursday, October 8th and 11:59 PM on Sunday, October 11th.

All race options will be timed and measured using your own timing device.

How and when do I submit my race results?

Results will be submitted through your haku participant account. between 12:00 AM on Thursday, 10/8 and 11:59 PM on Monday, 10/12).


  • Option 1 – sync your compatible wearable device prior to the race. Results will be uploaded to your Haku results platform once your watch resyncs to your application.
    • Compatible with: Garmin Connect and FitBit.
    • Don’t have a wearable device? No problem! Download the free Fitbit app on your smartphone and use the MobileRun® feature to track pace, time and distance. You can also control your music and use voice cues to stay in command. LEARN MORE
  • Option 2 – enter your results manually. Submit an image for verification of your time.

Where do I run?

Anywhere you want! Start right at your front door, jump on a treadmill, head to your favorite bike trail, or create and explore a special new route to commemorate this year’s race. Just be safe, adhere to social distancing recommendations, and follow all public safety directives.

What are the Sam Adams Challenges and how do they work?

The Sam Adam Challenges are fun new ways to experience race weekend! They have been designed exclusively for the 2020 virtual Eversource Hartford Marathon, and will allow runners the ability to now take on more than just one race! By registering for a specific challenge you’ll take on 2, 3 or 4 races over the weekend, which will earn you a sweet additional medal and some awesome bragging rights! For complete information on all of the Challenges offered, CLICK HERE


What is a virtual race?

A virtual race is an alternative race experience that allows runners the freedom and flexibility to take part in a race from wherever they’d like. Simply register online, run or walk the race distance, then upload your finish time to compare it to others.