The marathon and half marathon distance races start together on Capitol Avenue in front of the State Capitol building. Each participant has been assigned to one of 3 start corrals – A, B or C. Participants must start within the corral indicated on their race bib, which must be clearly visible and worn on the front of each participant’s garment.

Corrals A and B each have two entrances, one on the north side and the one on the south side of each contained corral area. Only participants assigned to A or B are allowed to enter, no exceptions.

In addition to participants assigned to Corral C, participants assigned to A or B may move back to Corral C if they choose. NO changes allowed to Corrals A or B.


Corrals have been designed to allow for 200% more space for participants to spread out. Masks are strongly recommended at the start and will be available at the entrance to the corrals. A mask drop zone will be available within the first quarter mile on the course to provide for safe disposal and aid clean-up efforts.