FREE Training Class for Women at Sudor Taino

Date: Wednesday, June 12 @ 6 PM

Description: The class will start with mobility movements and a warm up jog, followed by Tempo runs. Participants will be challenged to perform to the best of their ability while focusing on breathing, form, and stride. The class ends with a cool down jog and stretch. Participants should arrive at least 20 minutes prior to class start in order to fill out waiver. Dress comfortably and have water and towel available. To ensure success, Please hydrate and consume a pre-workout snack.

Location: Sudor Taino Group Fitness, 635 New Park Avenue (in industrial Park-down the access road-across the street from the Fast Track station)

More Information: Sudor Taino,

Fun Run and Tutu Making for Women at Fleet Feet

Date: Wednesday, June 19 @ 6:30 PM

Description: The run is for all abilities. Routes will vary between 3-5 miles and can always be shortened for those who want to run less. The run is FREE.

Donate $10 to HMF FitKids in School and make a tutu. Your donation will support HMF FitKids in School, a program that helps school children develop a healthy, active lifestyle through a 6 week, goal oriented running program for elementary and middle school students at NO cost to the student or their participating school.

Location: Fleet Feet, 1003 Farmington Ave., West Hartford

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