Congratulations! You’ve been consistent with your training, you have a few races under your belt and now want to run faster and set a Personal Record (PR). To run faster, you have to train faster. This means moving out of your comfort zone by adding speed workouts, hill repeats and strength workouts a few times a week which will make you stronger and help prevent injuries as you increase your speed. Here are some tips to get your running to the next level.

Work with a Coach – coaches are not just for elite athletes. Recreational athletes looking to improve their times and increase their distances also benefit from a personal coach, group coaching sessions or online coaching services. More…

Add Speed Workouts – get out of your comfort zone whether on the road or on a track. Running on a track makes it easy to track your distance.

Add Hill Repeats – Uphill repeats help you get stronger and faster and will improve your running form.

Add Strength Training – Strength workouts such as squats, lunges, planks and burpees, a few times a week, will help you get stronger and help prevent injuries by increasing the ability of your body to withstand the impact of running.

Join a Running Group – running with faster runners can help your motivation and push you to increase your pace.

Challenge Yourself – sign up for a HMF Challenge


  • Reduce your weekly mileage when increasing your pace.
  • Speed workouts should only be done once per week or every other week since they’re more demanding. Make sure to rest or run easy the day following a hard workout.
  • Stay well fueled – as you increase your speed, you’ll be burning more calories, so make sure you’re well hydrated and well fueled before you go out. Remember to hydrate and replenish after your run.