Every activity logged gets participants and the community closer to reaching their goal! Run, walk, hike, snowshoe, ski – or hit the elliptical, do an online class workout or a solo yoga session – it all counts! Just follow the submission instructions below to upload your efforts and turn them into chances to win awesome giveaways!


Participants MUST submit daily activities to their haku participant account that day or by 9:00 am EST the following day to be eligible to win the daily prize.

Submissions through your haku participant account can be made between 12:00 AM on Sunday, January 9th and 9:00 AM on Monday, January 31st, to track personal progress (available after prize eligibility deadline). Submit through one of the following options:

For details regarding activity tracking, wearable devices, timing, and results submission, CLICK HERE

  • Option 1 – Sync a compatible wearable device prior to mileage-based activity. Results will be uploaded to your haku results platform once your watch resyncs to your application. Once your device syncs, select the activity to submit for results.
    • Compatible with: Suunto / Polar / FitBit / Garmin / Under Armour Fitness
    • Don’t have a wearable device? No problem! Download the Free MapMyRun / MapMyWalk / MapMyFitness App on your smartphone and use it to track your pace, time, and distance. For complete details on how to use the app and track your activities, CLICK HERE
    • Note: Only run and walk activities will sync from your wearable. Additional activities must be converted and uploaded manually (see below)
  • Option 2 – Enter results manually. Feel free to submit an image for verification of your activity. Enter converted activities as miles manually by using the activity conversion calculator.

Everytime you upload your activities to your account it will automatically update the Leaderboard to show your progress and will count toward supporting that day’s community goal of 2022 miles!

For issues with haku participant accounts, device syncing or leaderboard data, please contact support@hakusports.com


Download the activity conversion calculator to figure out how many miles your activity is equivalent to, then enter those equivalent run miles into your haku participant account using the manual submission method (see above for details).

Click the button below to download the calculator, then follow the steps at the top to submit the activity by time or mileage to determine equivalent run miles.

(Please note: may not work on iPhone/iPad or Mobile)


Check out video tips for cold weather warm-ups and treadmill injury prevention from Select Physical Therapy. Learn about when to return to running after sickness and preparing for winter workouts from Saint Francis Hospital’s CT Sports Medicine Institute.


Enjoy a custom playlist of fun hits inspired by Mr. Frost himself and other great songs, to help warm you up and keep you moving this winter, created by our friends at Powerstation Events!


Hit a milestone? Did you make it to the next tier?! Check your inbox for a milestone email to celebrate your accomplishment! #HMFJackFrost



Do I have to do the exact amount of activities/miles each day?

NO! You can run, walk or log as many activities and for as many miles you want each day, it’s up to you! Just pick a 22 day goal that motivates you and get after it. Remember to submit each activity into your haku participant account to make sure they get counted toward the leaderboard and help the community reach 2022 miles worth of activity for the day!

Do I still receive my finisher’s medal if I don’t achieve any of the milestones?

YES! The milestones are goals, not requirements. All participants can pick up their finisher’s medal at one of the packet pickups or they have the option to wait and have it mailed to them following the conclusion of the challenge.