Join Miles the HMF mascot in April to get the kids moving and motivated at home with weekly activity schedules, videos and more. While kids are without school PE or after-school sports, the need to keep moving is at an all-time high when parents and guardians are stretched for time, attention and creative ideas. Let this free plan lighten the burden to help families focus on the fun. The optional finisher package includes mailing of medal, Super Kid cape and Miles plush at the end of the month.


Sign up for the free program through the HMF event registration system as you would a race event. If electing to purchase the finisher package for $20, simply add it through the registration process.

Each weekend, email updates will be sent with an outline of kids exercise activities for each day of the upcoming week. Video tutorials with Miles and special guests will help show participants proper techniques, including warm-up and cool-down exercises.


From an Olympics Challenge and Obstacle Course in week 1 to Running Games through the month and special activities including Water Games, Scavenger Hunt and Hungry Hungry Hippos, the kids will be occupied for 30 minutes a day. Guided warm-up and cool-down exercises included with tips from Miles.


Use the Miles with Miles Progress Chart to track activities and help keep motivated through the month. Access it digitally, just click on the prompt to “make a copy” for each child, then save it in your google drive. DIGITAL CHART

Rather print out a Progress Chart? The following pdf has 2 versions of the chart to choose from. PRINTED CHART

Miles With Miles videos were created in partnership with Rising Stars, a 9 week training program to encourage youth ages 4 to 13 to get up and move. The program is sponsored by SmartStart Pediatrics of Glastonbury along with support from Sound Runner of Glastonbury, Connecticut Sports and Fitness and The Glastonbury River Runners.