AUGUST 28, 2021




Teams consisting of 3 or 6 members will travel the route from start to finish with each team member running 3 legs (6-member team) or 6 legs (3-member ultra team).

Teams will start in waves between 4:00 am – 9:00 am; slower teams earlier and faster teams later. Team start times will be announced several weeks before the event so you can plan your accommodations and travel.

The course is split into 18 relay legs with an exchange zone between each one. Race Start, Leg 1, Exchange 1, Leg 2, Exchange 2, Leg 3, Exchange 3, etc.

Team Pace Calculator

An easy-to-use Pace Calculator has been set up in Excel for team captains to download and determine team overall pace. Race start times are determined by team pace. If you find that your team’s pace has changed, please log into your Haku participant account and make the change by July 7, 2021 to update it.

Please note: calculator does not work on iPhone or iPad.

Six Member Team

  • It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that all teams use ONE vehicle
    • NEW IN 2021 /// TWO VEHICLE TEAM GUIDELINES: To reduce vehicle congestion and traffic, teams are only allowed to have ONE vehicle at a time at each exchange, with the exception of Exchange 6 (Putnam), Exchange 12 (Willimantic) and the Finish (Hartford). Only the vehicle with the team member running the next leg is allowed to park at the exchange, no exceptions. Teams electing to use two vehicles must first drop off and retrieve their team members, and then make any team member and/or vehicle switches at an alternative, off-course location, away from the exchange area. Recommended off-course exchange location areas will be provided for all minor exchanges (Exchanges 3, 9, 15).
  • Six member teams will exchange at every exchange location:
    • Runner One will complete legs 1, 7, 13
    • Runner Two will complete legs 2, 8, 14
    • Runner Three will complete legs 3, 9, 15
    • Runner Four will complete legs 4, 10, 16
    • Runner Five will complete legs 5, 11, 17
    • Runner Six will complete legs 6, 12, 18
  • One member of the team will always be running, while the other team members drive to the next exchange location. At each exchange, relay teams must check in with the volunteer on location before passing the “baton” to the next relay team member.

Three Member Team

  • Three member teams travel in one vehicle.
  • Two Options for Three Member Teams:
    • OPTION 1: Exchange at every exchange location
      • Runner One will complete legs 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16
      • Runner Two will complete legs 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17
      • Runner Three will complete legs 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18
    • OPTION 2: Exchange at every other exchange location
      • Runner One will complete legs 1&2, 7&8, 13&14
      • Runner Two will complete legs 3&4, 9&10, 15&16
      • Runner Three will complete legs 5&6, 11&12, 17&18
  • One member of the team will always be running, while the other team members drive each other to the next exchange location. At each exchange, relay teams must check in with the volunteer on location before passing the “baton” to the next relay team member.


June 1st, 2021

  • Last chance to receive a full team refund (minus processing fees).

July 7, 2021

  • Final Call for Team Names for personalized team race bibs
  • Last chance to make changes to your Team Pace
  • Finalize Your Team Roster

July 14, 2021

  • Release of Start Time Assignments


Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Safety Meeting / Packet Pickup near Finish Line (Hartford, CT):

  • Time: 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
  • Location: Hog River Brewing, 1429 Park Street, Hartford, CT 06106


Friday, August 27, 2021

Safety Meeting / Packet Pickup near Race Start (Lincoln, RI):

  • Time: 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
  • The Guild, 461 Main Street, Pawtucket, RI 02860


Safety Requirements

Safety has always been of utmost importance at RiMaConn Relay and for the Hartford Marathon Foundation. During these uniquely challenging times, no detail will be more important. Each participant is expected to follow directions for all modified event procedures to ensure a safe and successful event for all. Additionally, all team captains are required to attend a safety meeting prior to the start of their race. Safety meetings will be held at all packet pick ups.

Effective May 19, 2021, per order of CT Governor Ned Lamont, face masks will not be required at outdoor events in Connecticut. Keeping with state recommendations, runners, volunteers, spectators and staff will not be required to wear masks at any Hartford Marathon Foundation (HMF) event. We encourage those more comfortable wearing masks to continue to do so and urge unvaccinated participants attending HMF Events to wear a face mask for their own safety and for the safety of those who have vulnerable conditions or weakened immune systems. All participants are encouraged to maintain at least 6 feet of spacing from others not in their party at all times, and 12 feet of spacing while running.

Covid-19 risk mitigation policies will be calibrated based on public health measures at the time of the event. Policies will be outlined in the Team Guide.

Each vehicle is required to have at minimum the following:

  • Reflective Vests (one per runner)
  • Two (2) Headlamps
  • Two (2) Tail Lights

The Hartford Marathon Foundation has an emergency texting service in place to be used ONLY in situations such as event delays, cancellations or other emergencies. If we have last-minute event changes, we will text pertinent instructions/updates. NOTE: We never use this information for marketing or solicitation.

Confirm you elected to receive emergency text messages in your haku profile. Once logged into your account, select “Your Registrations” and check the blue box “I Want To Get Event Updates Via Text”.

Division Awards

Commemorative Awards to the following Divisions:

6 Person Team

  • Male Open & Masters (All Men)
  • Female Open & Masters (All Women)
  • Mix Team & Masters (3 or more women)

3 Person Team

  • Male Open & Masters (All Men)
  • Female Open & Masters (All Women)
  • Mix Team & Masters (any combination)

* Open Division = Any team member under 40 years of age on race day

** Masters Division = All team members 40 years of age or older on race day

95 Miles /// 18 legs /// 6 or 3-person team

Run The Green Way


Relay LEGS

Runner#* | Total Miles**

1st Run**

2nd Run**

3rd Run**

R1/U1 – 22.1



Leg 1



Leg 7



Leg 13

R2/U2 – 13.6



Leg 2



Leg 8



Leg 14

R3/U3 – 15.1



Leg 3



Leg 9



Leg 15

R4/U1 – 14.1



Leg 4



Leg 10



Leg 16

R5/U2 – 12



Leg 5



Leg 11



Leg 17

R6/U3 – 17.3



Leg 6



Leg 12



Leg 18

*R# = Runner position in 6 person team | U# = Ultra Runner position in 3 person team.
**All distances in miles / individual legs are still being finalized and subject to change.


There are 17 exchange zones along the course. All of them will include water and portalets. Two major exchange locations have been established to assist teams with refueling and resetting themselves during the race. These two locations will also offer refreshments, physical therapists, entertainment, medical aid and other extra services.

1st Major Exchange (Exchange Zone #6)

    • Rotary Park, Putnam, Connecticut

2nd Major Exchange (Exchange Zone #12)

    • Jillson Square, Willimantic, Connecticut


Teams are required to maintain the same sequence and rotation of runners throughout the race (see table above for runner rotation breakdown).
When determining your team’s order, Captains should consider the following: leg distance, course terrain, time of day, and runner fitness.


If a runner is unable to continue in the event due to injury or illness, the following team members must finish the event with the remaining runners continuing in the same sequence.

Teams must begin the event with six team members if they are in the 6-Person Team division, and 3 team members if they are in the 3-Person Team division. No exceptions.

Course Information


  • Fluid Locations: Start, Finish and at every Exchange Zone
  • No water stations will be available between Exchange Zones: reusable water bottles will be distributed as part of your race packet, feel free to refill and carry throughout the event.
  • Portalet Locations: Start, Finish and at every Exchange Zone
  • Medical personnel
  • Event alert system notifications at the pre-race area and each exchange zone along the course. More…


Teams are required to maintain an average pace of at least 10:30 minutes per mile to complete the event within the 16.5 hour time limit. We understand that teams may consist of runners with varying abilities, so periodic checks will be done to make sure your team can complete the race before the finish line closes at 8:30 pm. It is crucial to accurately estimate your team pace to assign your start wave. More…

Use the Pace Calculator to help figure out your team’s average pace.


Due to the extensive timeframe and complex nature of the event, completion is required within 16.5 hours to ensure support services and safety. Any team that has fallen behind the 10:30 minutes per mile average pace or experiences unforeseen circumstances by the time they reach the 2nd Major Exchange Zone (Exchange Zone #12) – Jillson Square, Willimantic, Connecticut, will have the following 2 options:

  1. End their run and proceed directly to the post-race party in Hartford, OR
  2. “Skip Ahead” to a further exchange location and continue the run.

NOTE: Teams that do not run all legs will still be included in the finish results through the time of the last reading of their timing chip (no finish time will be provided).

East Coast Greenway Alliance
DEM Rhode Island
DRC Massachusetts
Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection