Three (3) person teams and solo participants will make their way across this 30K (~18.6 mile) adventure. All teams and individuals will start together at 8:00 AM. The 30K race is split up into two separate 5K (~3.1 mile) courses: a paved Road Course and technical Trail Course. Both courses finish at the same centrally located exchange zone, and must each be completed three times before crossing the finish line. Both teams and individuals follow the same pattern: Race Start > Road Course > Exchange Area > Trail Course > Exchange Area > Road Course > Exchange, etc. until each course has been completed three times.

The Rocky Neck 5K will start at the same location as the 30K at 8:30 AM, for more information about that event, click here.



  • Three member teams will complete the 30K (~18.6 mile) course by exchanging after every leg is run:
    • Runner #1
      • (Leg 1) Road (~5K) > (Leg 4) Trail (~5K)
    • Runner #2
      • (Leg 2) Trail (~5K) > (Leg 5) Road (~5K)
    • Runner #3
      • (Leg 3) Road (~5K) > (Leg 6) Trail (~5K)
  • One member of the team will always be running, while the other team members are recovering and waiting for their next turn. Before each leg, relay teams must check in with the volunteer at the exchange area before passing the Race Bib with a timing chip race belt to their next relay team member. See “Timing” section below for more details.

Teams are required to maintain the same sequence and rotation of runners throughout the race. Each team member will be required to wear a bib that indicates their position in the sequence.

If a runner is unable to continue in the event due to injury or illness, the following team members must finish the event with the remaining runners continuing in the same sequence.

Teams must begin the event with three team members. No exceptions.



  • Individual participants will complete the 30K course completely on their own. They will run continuously starting with the road course, then transitioning to the trail, back to the road, etc. until they have completed each of the respective courses, three times.
    • (Leg 1) Road (~5K)
    • (Leg 2) Trail (~5K)
    • (Leg 3) Road (~5K)
    • (Leg 4) Trail (~5K)
    • (Leg 5) Road (~5K)
    • (Leg 6) Trail (~5K)

NOTE: Individual Participants MAY NOT participate in the Three Person Team category.


The exchange area is located adjacent to the pre/post race area. At the conclusion of each leg, the team member running must pass their timing chip race belt to their next team member before crossing the timing mats to signal the start of their leg.

DO NOT leave the exchange area before your teammates arrive.

Individual participants will continue across the timing mats, and do not need to stop or make any exchange.


This event is timed by Bay State Race Services and uses the B-Tag timing system (timing chip is attached to the back of the race bib).

  • Individuals will receive one (1) Race Bib with a timing chip. It must be worn on the front of their shirt throughout the duration of the event.
  • Each Three Person Team will receive four (4) Race Bibs, of which one (1) will have a timing chip.
    • The bib with the timing chip will be attached to a race belt that will be exchanged between teammates prior to beginning their leg.
    • The remaining three bibs must be worn on the front of each respective team member’s shirt throughout the duration of the event. The bibs will be coded by leg: Runner #1 wears the bib that corresponds with Leg #1, Runner #2… etc.
  • The timing chip system allows for individuals and relay teams to receive splits and net times throughout the event.


Teams and Individuals are required to maintain an average pace of at least 16:00 minutes per mile over the 30K course to complete the event within the 5 hour time limit. We understand that teams may consist of runners with varying abilities, so periodic checks will be done to make sure teams can complete the race before the finish line closes at 1:00 PM.

Due to the complex nature of the race and its impact to the state park, and out of respect for the time of the amazing volunteers, the event is required to be completed within 5 hours. To ensure support services and safety, any team that has fallen behind the cut offs indicated below or experiences unforeseen circumstances will be asked to alter their race.

  • Three Legs (~15K): Road > Trail > Road = 10:30 AM (2 hours, 30 minutes)
  • Four Legs (~20K): Road > Trail > Road > Trail = 11:20 AM (3 hours, 20 minutes)
  • Five Legs (~25K): Road > Trail > Road > Trail > Road = 12:10 PM (4 hours 10 minutes)

NOTE: Teams that do not run all legs will still be included in the finish results through the time of the last reading of their timing chip (no finish time will be provided).



  • Male Open & Masters (All Men)
  • Female Open & Masters (All Women)
  • Mix Team Open & Masters (any combination)

* Open Division = Any team member under 40 years of age on race day
** Masters Division = All team members 40 years of age or older on race day


  • Top three overall male and female finishers


  • Commemorative Awards to the 1st Place Team in each Division and the Top 3 Overall Male and Female finishers
  • All awards based on gun time


No dogs (service dogs must be identified as such at all times). No unregistered runners or walkers. Headphones discouraged. No bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, or motorized vehicles.

Baby Jogger/Strollers are NOT permitted in the Rocky Neck Relay, please see details on the stroller policy HERE.