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Training for the UConn Health Half Marathon

Returning to races this spring or summer means it’s time to train with a goal finish line to reach! Whether you joined virtual events to keep motivated the past year, opted to take a break from running or made your own training plan to keep moving, getting back to in-person racing will take physical and mental preparation. As we count down to hosting the first 2021 half marathon on June 5 in Simsbury at the UConn Health Half Marathon and 2-person relay, we are also ramping up the resources available to support you to your goals.

First up – make sure your weekly mileage goals align with preparing for a 13.1 mile race in early June. Use this guide to help plan your training runs. WEEKLY GUIDE

Make sure you’re fueling your body through your training and to support your performance on race day, that includes balancing nutrition needs and ensuring proper hydration. Scroll through healthy eating tips and recipe ideas in the NUTRITION GUIDE. Don’t wait until real warm weather hit to assess hydration needs, check the HYDRATION GUIDE.

Transitioning from the treadmill to the roads can also take some adjusting. As indoor workouts are replaced with road miles, keep in mind these common TIPS.

Stretching is imperative to prepare your body to log more miles and help prevent injury associated with prolonged and consistent running, refresh yourself with a brief VIDEO DEMO.

Common over-use issues when getting back into more regular running or increasing miles stems from improper footwear, repetitive motion causing pain in shin or foot. VIDEO TIPS

While you get those miles in and work toward your goal, we’ll be working through all of the details to make your race day memorable. Check here for the plans and updates for the June 5 UConn Health races. It’ll look a little different on race day but expect a competitive and supportive experience worth training for!