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Decoding the Triathlon Lexicon

Triathlon is a demanding and exhilarating multi-sport event that combines swimming, cycling, and running. Whether you’re a seasoned triathlete or just dipping your toes into this challenging world, understanding the specialized vocabulary of triathlon is essential for successful training and competition.


Why Use a Pace Team

Sponsored by Fleet Feet Hartford, the Hartford Marathon Foundation’s Pace Teams are a free resource for participants. Experienced pace leaders run a steady pace and keep track of that pace during the race so that the group can achieve their goal of finishing in a certain time.

Picking your pace team depends on what your finish line goal time is. Choose a pace group that reflects your training and ability level based on finish times during training, and allows you to run at a comfortable rate throughout the race.

If you can’t decide between two paces, it is recommended that you start with the slower pace, as you can always pick it up later in the race.

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Essential Gear You Need to Start Running

You don’t want your gear to be a distraction when you’re running. Our partner Fleet Feet explores the basics: running shoes, comfortable clothing, and moisture wicking socks. Want to get to the next level? Explore GPS devices, handheld water bottles and hydration packs for longer runs.


Keeping it Fresh and Preventing Waste Webinar

Do you find yourself tossing out food before you get to enjoy it? Join Stop & Shop Nutrition Partners to learn how to prevent food waste right in your own kitchen. Learn how to store fresh food to make it last longer, along with tips for meal planning, recipes, and how to use up food scraps. Register

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How To Pace Your Race

If you are just starting to run, you might find it difficult to control your pace and find the “sweet spot” where your pace feels comfortable. Even as a seasoned runner, you may still start out too fast in races or workouts only to crash and burn before the finish line. Learning to pace yourself properly is a cornerstone of distance running, but it takes practice. Lots and lots of practice.

Trinity Health Of New England Special Services

Trinity Health of New England’s Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital offers expert rehabilitation care that focuses on your specific needs.

Golfers in Motion – a safe and supportive environment for those who want to learn or relearn the great game of golf.

Connecticut Adaptive Rowing Program – a program that gives individuals with physical disabilities or visual impairments the opportunity to stay active and savor the great outdoors.