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Celiac Histology with Anshu Trivedi, MD

Dr. Neil D. Parikh, a gastroenterologist with Connecticut GI, discusses common gut topics in a patient-friendly manner. He does a deep dive into the histopathology of Celiac disease with Dr. Anshu Trivedi – a gastrointestinal pathologist with Eastern Connecticut Pathology Consultants and the medical director of Connecticut GI Pathology Laboratory.


Run Safe Program

Select Physical Therapy Offers a Run Safe Program providing specialized treatment for running injuries

The Run Safe Program can help runners of all levels build strength, endurance and minimize running injuries. Run Safe creates a foundation for athletic success. It contains standardized equipment and exercises for runners to include in their pre- and post-run routine.


Why Are Bananas So “Apeeling”?

Bananas are a great recovery food. The fast-acting carbohydrates help replenish energy stores and potassium helps prevent cramping. Also, bananas are easy to digest, which is important post-event. More banana facts and tips from our partner Stop & Shop…

Nutritious and Delicious Banana Recipes from our partner Stop & Shop. Click anywhere on the image to see the recipes.