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Here you will find expertise and insights to support walkers, beginning runners, experienced runners and competitive athletes. Exploring an ever-changing selection of articles, blog posts and videos will educate, inform and entertain you. Check back often for new topics and content.


New free training programs through Bird Coaching. Race participants are supported on their mission to finish under the arch. Choose either the 18 week Marathon training program or the 12 week Half Marathon training program.


Eating fruits and vegetables supplies your body with the vitamins, minerals and carbs you need to fuel your running. “Eat the Rainbow” with a variety of colorful, seasonal produce including squash, tomatoes, melons, stone fruits and berries.



Human beings are made up of 60% water. That might be one reason that we’re drawn to water, whether for health reasons or for pure enjoyment. Our partner Nuun Hydration explores if there is a connection between happiness and hydration.

Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

Make sure you get to the starting line of your next race injury free! Ten tips for safely training for your next 10K race begin with gradually building your mileage. Training for a half marathon? Four ways to crush your training injury-free.

HMF Stretching


A dynamic stretch warmup is stretching through a joint’s full range of motion and prepares muscles for more intense exercise to come. Here are 9 stretches from our partner at Hartford Healthcare Rehabilitation Network.



Seven tips to help extend the life of your running shoes! Running shoes are your most important piece of gear, so treat them well. Extending their life not only will save you money, but will also improve your runs with happier feet and legs.

Rock your run with custom playlists created especially for runners

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