Official On-Course Hydration and Energy Gel

UCAN is a leading provider of innovative energy products designed to support athletes and active individuals in achieving their performance and fitness goals. With products featuring LIVSTEADY™, a slow-releasing, low-glycemic carbohydrate, UCAN offers sustained, long-lasting energy without the spikes and crashes associated with traditional sugar-based fuels. It’s also proven in multiple clinical trials to significantly increase levels of fat burn during exercise and improve focus during activity.

UCAN is proud to be the Official On-Course Hydration and Energy Gel of HMF Events! Edge energy gels deliver long-lasting energy and a silky fruit smoothie experience that’s easy on the stomach, with zero water chasers required. UCAN uses starch-based carbohydrates instead of sugar, giving you a more even flow of energy.

Exclusive offer for HMF Event participants! Get FREE Edge samples and just pay shipping. Train with the products served on race day!