Together, keeping our distance.

When we can’t run together in person, we can still come together to challenge ourselves and to encourage each other in achieving a meaningful group goal.

Join the HMF community in a virtual challenge in April to reach 5,018 miles – run the total square mileage of Connecticut together!


Sign up through FitRankings, the online platform that will track participants’ mileage throughout the 26 day challenge – between April 7 and May 3. Once registered, participants can easily link their apps and wearable devices for automatic tracking of their progress toward individual tier goals and the group goal of 5,018 miles.

Registration fees ($35) will be paid through FitRankings, swag will be mailed to participants at the end of the challenge. Participants must be registered by April 20 to receive swag.

This event gives participants the flexibility to participate when and where it is convenient. As such, there are no refunds and no deferments for virtual events.


Run 5,018 miles collectively in the month of April. Once participants run the square mileage of CT together, the party will run across New England. Who knows how far we can go – together, while keeping our distance.

Along the way, participants can also work toward three tiers of individual goals:

  1. 26.2 miles – run or walk the distance of Connecticut’s favorite marathon, the Eversource Hartford Marathon (equal to a mile each day of the challenge!)
  2. 67 miles – achieve the distance of the Connecticut River as it runs through the state, from the state line in Massachusetts to the shore at the Long Island Sound
  3. 117 miles – take on the distance of Route 1 as it enters the state from New York and ends going into Rhode Island

Hit a milestone? Download the corresponding badge to add to social images (bragging rights)!


Weekly HMF emails will provide reports on goals, updates on leaders and features from communities across the state.


The generous donation from the HMF community allowed MakerspaceCT to engage volunteer makers, and streamline the process to increase production capacity to 2,000 – 4,000 units of PPE per week.

In this short span of time, milestones included:

  • Mobilized 75 individual makers both on- and off-site to help with 3D printing, assembly and manufacturing.
  • Donated 3,000+ units to organizations in need.
  • Helped 16 organizations that serve 40 communities in Connecticut.

For more information and to make a donation, visit MakerspaceCT.


Each participant earns a short sleeve technical shirt, the commemorative event swag will be mailed at the end of the challenge. Registrants MUST register by April 20 to receive Swag.


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This collective goal allows the community to achieve something cool together, all while keeping distance from each other. Please adhere to social distancing recommendations and follow all public safety directives.


How to get started on FitRankings:

  • Sign up for FitRankings and join the We Run CT Challenge
  • Follow prompts to connect your device
  • Once your device is connected your mileage will be tracked in the live feed on this page starting April 7
  • If you do not have a tracking device you can enter mileage manually throughout the challenge

FitRankings FAQ