This year, runners have the unique opportunity to take on the course in three different ways! Run the classic point to point course from Lake Garda Elementary School in Burlington to downtown Collinsville, run out and back from the finish line in downtown Collinsville, or run from anywhere with the freedom of the virtual race option.


The Burlington to Collinsville Classic 10K is a fast course starting in Burlington and making its way to historic Collinsville. The route starts at Lake Garda School follows local roads into Farmington before getting onto the Farmington River Trail just before mile 2. Follow the trail along the Farmington River back into Burlington and eventually into Collinsville to finish.

Course Map

Interactive Flyover Video


Start and finish at the Burlington to Collinsville Classic 10K finish line. The route goes out 3.1 miles along the Farmington River Trail, U-Turns and returns to the finish line.


Run your 10K race distance anywhere you like! Submit your 10K results through your haku participant account.

Didn’t run exactly 6.2 miles? No problem! Use this simple Finish Time Calculator to calculate your time (please note: does not work on iPhone or iPad).


Start waves are designed to adhere to state guidelines surrounding public events. Registrants must select a start wave during the registration process. Start waves will be limited to 20 runners. On your race day, you must start your race during your selected start window. (Example: Start wave: Saturday July 25, 7:00 am. Runners may start anytime 7:00 am – 7:59 am).

Start waves will be selected on a first come, first serve basis. On each of the nine days during the race window, the following six Start waves will be available: 7:00 AM, 8:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 4:00 PM, 5:00 PM, and 6:00 PM.

Start waves are not applicable to those taking part in the Virtual Race option.

Start waves can be changed while space is allowed up to race week. Email support@hakusports.com.


Roads are open to vehicle traffic. Trails are open to other users. Obey traffic laws at all times.

No aid stations along the route. Carry your own fluids.

No medical stations along the route. Dial 911 in the event of an emergency.
Course Markings:

  • Clearly defined Start & Finish Line
  • Yellow signs with blue arrows mark all turns.
  • All mile points are marked on the road and mile signs at each mile.

Course Amenities:

  • Restrooms are available near both the start and finish line, as well as near miles 2.5 & 4 on the “Point to Point” option and near miles 2.2 & 4 on the “Out & Back” option.


Please adhere to social distancing recommendations and follow all public safety directives.