The Hartford Marathon Foundation (HMF) is committed to taking all possible measures to make each of its over 30 annual events as environmentally friendly as possible, while at the same time, educating and encouraging participants, volunteers, and spectators to do the same.

In keeping with these beliefs, these eco-friendly practices can be observed first hand each year at their marquee event, the Eversource Hartford Marathon.


logo_crs_goldThe Eversource Hartford Marathon is a two time (2008 & 2014) Gold Certification recipient from Council for Responsible Sport (CRS) for its social and environmental sustainability initiatives. In addition, the Eversource Hartford Marathon is the first marathon to receive the distinction as an Inspire Gold event (2016). CRS certifies events that follow strict guidelines and incorporate environmental responsibility into their events. For a list of these certification standards, visit


utc_water_bubblerDevised in 2007 by a group of UTC engineers, the Water Bubbler has been refreshing finishers and making the Hartford Marathon “greener” ever since. The “Bubbler”, is a 40-foot long, multi person drinking fountain, that allows runners to refresh in the finish chute, without the use of wax cups or plastic bottles. Since its inception, an estimated 85,000 plastic bottles and wax cups have been replaced.


solar_trailerThe Hartford Marathon Foundation (HMF) utilizes a “landscaping” trailer to transport its operational supplies to each of its 30+ annual events. Among the regularly used supplies included are gas powered generators, these provide power to a variety of different components; ranging from inflatables to sounds systems, credit card machines to computers. To reduce the carbon emissions produced by these units on race day, HMF partnered with the University of Connecticut’s Electrical Engineering Department to retrofit this trailer into a environmentally friendly photovoltaic power unit.
This design will eliminate the output of over 2,400 lbs of carbon dioxide per year.

The HMF Solar Trailer Project is proudly supported by Dominion Energy.


logo_uconn_eco_huskyThe Eversource Hartford Marathon is proud to be teaming up with the University of Connecticut and Blue Earth Compost to divert water station cups and post-race party food waste from local landfills. Each year, students from the EcoHusky Club man each waste station and educated finishers, participants, and volunteers on how to compost their food scraps. At the end of the day, collections from the event and along the course are hauled away by the Hartford based company, Blue Earth Compost. To learn more about either of these two groups, please visit: UCONN ECOHUSKY | BLUE EARTH COMPOST


Leave it better than you found it! Plogging is combination of jogging and picking up litter (or plucking), that was started in Sweden in 2016 and has quickly made it way around the world. This ecofriendly exercise, that burns twice as many calories as standard jogging, is the Hartford Marathon Foundation’s newest initiative and a great way for us to give back to the parks and trails we love! Keep an eye on our website and social feeds for the next plogging event in your area!


Whether you’re out for a leisurely jog or racing for a personal record, running is enjoyed best with clean air and a healthy environment. Here are just a few easy examples of how you can help keep the environment healthy on race day and every other day of the week:

  1. Car pool to a race or work. Better yet, try occasionally running or cycling!
  2. Use refillable water bottles when you’re exercising.
  3. Hold onto those wrappers! Dispose of them in clearly marked containers along the course.
  4. Buy sports drinks in bulk to conserve on packaging and recycle the bottles.
  5. Seek out events that make an effort to be greener or raise money to support environmentally friendly causes.
  6. Compost and recycle!