Movement With Purpose at the 2020 Eversource Hartford Marathon empowers the community to work together to do more than we could alone. With that in mind, a plethora of training programs and support resources have been compiled to support participants, connect the community and provide perks and incentives for sticking with training for a new goal this October.


New partnerships with specialized technology companies and seasoned industry professionals will enhance the experience for participants, supporting those training for a wide spectrum of distance or time goals. PWR Lab and TrainingPeaks are digital programs offering unique training insights specifically formulated for Eversource Hartford Marathon event goals, appropriately scaled for beginners and to the elite level. Stay tuned for additional resources offered by industry experts. TRAINING FAQs

Sports performance meets state-of-the-art data science. PWR Lab aggregates second-by-second data from runners’ linked wearable devices and uses scientific research, statistical analysis and years of industry experience to reduce risk of injury and optimize runners’ health and performance.

Developed by sport practitioners, The PWR Lab Dashboard provides athletes and coaches with simple, powerful data visualizations ranging from basic metrics (distance, time, pace, cadence) to proprietary and advanced calculations, including power output, critical power, ground contact time, and effort- and volume-based workload.

All registered Eversource Hartford Marathon event participants have access to a 30 day free trial of PWR Lab.

Through the TrainingPeaks platform, athletes can access custom created training plans and connect with coaches. Powerful analytic tools help break down personal training data into easy-to-understand graphs and charts. It starts with participants committing to a clear race goal, structuring their training so they can workout smarter and monitoring progress toward their event. TrainingPeaks is designed to make sure any committed endurance athlete, whether coached or non-coached, is prepared for success on race day!

All registered Eversource Hartford Marathon event participants have access to free customized event training plans developed to support peak performance at the Eversource Hartford Marathon events in October. Additionally, participants receive a free 30 day trial of TrainingPeaks Premium. Use code: 30HartfordMarathon


Build camaraderie and get inspired by others training for the big day! Whether seeking training run partners and new ideas for places to run, or wanting to get questions answered by experts as well as running friends, the official Eversource Hartford Marathon Training group on Facebook is the place to be.

The group welcomes race participants of all experiences and goals and will be led by Coach Chaz Koch, a speciality run coach who has over 20 years experience coaching all levels and ages of runners. As the Facebook group’s Concierge Coach, Chaz will regularly give tips and feedback and host live Q&A sessions. Chaz is owner and founder of Run U and spent the last 9 plus years studying biomechanics and offering expert advice to runners.

Don’t feel isolated or alone when sidelined by injury and stay proactive with strategies to avoid injury! This welcoming community is available to help get runners through the mental anguish and physical challenges of injury and provide tips to recovery as well as avoiding injury. Connect with each other and hear from the experts at the Connecticut Sports Medicine Institute to guide best practices.


Made possible through the generous support of sponsor partners led by Eversource, the HMF GIVES initiative was created to direct 100% of the $25 Eversource Hartford Marathon race registration fees to charities that support urgent local needs.