As a courtesy to the communities impacted by the races and the volunteers who serve, there is a 6 hour course time limit for the Marathon and 3 hour limit for the Half Marathon.

To finish within these time limits, runners must maintain a pace of approximately 13:44 minutes per mile. Official finishing times are only recorded through 6 hours for the Marathon and 3 hours for the Half Marathon.

Along the Marathon and Half Marathon race courses, roads will reopen to traffic and water/aid stations will close down as the race moves beyond a 13:44 minute per mile pace.

All runners running beyond Course Time Limits are doing so at their own risk. Please be prepared and carry fluids and energy gel throughout the race if pace will be slower than 13:44 minute mile.

Race staff will begin breaking down the finish line after course limits. Runners who finish after limits and are not able to collect a finisher medal on site may contact the race office within 48 hours of the event.